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Quality management, innovative ideas, the pursuit of excellence,
social services.

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    One machining factory.So we can offer the
    price and products directly.

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    Excellent leadership team, first-class construction of grass-roots team.

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    Service and innovative technology to create a better environment for the public.

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    Produce Waste Water Treatment Equipment according to the drawings or samples the customers offered.

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Zhejiang Sinou Enviromental Protection
Equipment Co.,Ltd.

As a famous

China Waste Water Treatment Equipment Suppliers and Press Filter Feed Pump Manufacturers

,Zhejiang Sinou Enviromental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd. was set up in 2009,with 8 million US$ register funds and covers 22,000 square meters area. Its former is Wenzhou City Sentai Enviromental Protection Equipment Co.,Ltd. Sinou professionally develops, manufactures and sells intelligent high-pressure plunger pumps and enviromental protection equipments of waste concrete recycling, slurry water treatment,Waste Water Treatment Equipment, mixer truck washing system,Press Filter Feed Pump,industry sewage treatment, solid waste treatment, soil remediation since 20 years ago. These equipments are widely used in mining, dye printing, china, coal washing, petroleum, chemical industry, river management and waste concrete recycling fields.
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    2.2w m²
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