Company Values


Quality management, innovative ideas, the pursuit of excellence, social services


Shared vision

Committed to become China's leading environmental protection industry

(1) The Company will develop the cause in the diversified field and strive to become the leading enterprise of environmental protection industry in the domestic first-class environmental protection project general contracting enterprise and environmental protection equipment manufacturing enterprise.
(2) The Company will continue to establish the competitive advantage of the market through cross-industry and cross-regional development, and strive to enhance the core functions such as market operation, capital operation, resource integration and management control.
(3) the company will continue to success, from the domestic first-class to the internationally renowned, and strive to win the industry and the community's general respect.


Major mission

Through the excellent service and innovative technology, for the public to create a better environment.

   (1) the company to the environment-based, through the provision of a full range of environmental services to support customers to win competitive advantage and long-term development;
   (2) The company will continue to promote technological innovation, create a clean environment for the community, to maximize the value of shareholders, customers and more public.



Core Values

Environment-oriented, customer first, teamwork, the pursuit of excellence.



Entrepreneurial Spirit

Dedication, innovation, integrity and cooperation.


"Sinou craftsman ten instructions"

First-class craftsmen, character is more important than technology.

01. must learn to say hello, become a wise man.
02. Must learn to be neat and orderly, to be a clear person.
03. must learn to be accurate and mistaken, become a time-efficient people.
04. must learn to study hard, become a skilled person.
05. must learn to be meticulous, become a rigorous attitude of the people.
06. Must learn to think positively and become innovative people.
07. must learn to strive to become a brand awareness of the people.
08. must learn to team work together to become the overall concept of people.
09. Must learn to admit mistakes and become responsible people.
10. Must learn to drink water source, become a grateful person.