​Operation problems of common mechanical equipment in sewage treatment plants


1 Due to the advancement of technology and the rising v […]

1 Due to the advancement of technology and the rising voice of environmental protection, the state has higher and higher requirements for sewage discharge and treatment, and has formulated higher sewage discharge standards and improved sewage treatment processes and processes. The technical content of mechanical equipment is getting higher and higher, and the number is getting bigger and bigger. The increase of equipment has increased the difficulty of management. How to use the technical maintenance and maintenance of mechanical equipment has become an important part of the current management of sewage treatment plants. However, it is undeniable that many sewage treatment plants lack the concept of regular management and maintenance in the management and maintenance of equipment. The modern production operation requires the sewage treatment process to continuously quote intelligent and high-tech machinery and equipment. Therefore, at present, the operation of the sewage treatment plant faces such a contradiction, the equipment needs to be managed and maintained, but the professional technicians and management The concept can't keep up, which has caused bottlenecks in the development of sewage treatment plants.

2 Because the maintenance of the equipment requires procedures, including regular clearing, oil and oil change, equipment monitoring and inspection, etc., replacement and repair of parts is what must be done in daily work. The maintenance equipment personnel of the sewage treatment plant must attach great importance to this routine work to ensure the stable operation of the equipment. However, the actual situation is that equipment maintenance work is not paid enough attention. The professionalism of equipment maintenance personnel is not enough. Therefore, the system and plan for equipment maintenance are often not perfected, and the mechanism mechanism is lacking in daily work. Therefore, the enthusiasm for work is not high. When the fault occurs, the maintenance work of the equipment lags behind. .

3 To achieve efficient operation of wastewater treatment plants, operational costs and maintenance time must be considered. This problem is also an important part of the efficiency of the sewage treatment plant. Reasonable equipment parts are essential in operation management, but due to the cost of important equipment such as bearings, seals, gears, etc., many sewage treatment plants lack the awareness of equipment reserves, when the fault occurs. There are often cases where no parts can be exchanged. The hasty purchase leads to an invisible increase in the maintenance cost of the equipment. The equipment cannot continue to operate and the sewage cannot be disposed of. Therefore, the problem of reasonable reserves has become the key to the normal operation of sewage treatment plants. However, if the parts are too large, they will affect the use. How to solve this contradiction has become a problem in front of the sewage treatment plant.