Aerator,air floater and microfiltration machine


Aerator The aerator is directly injected into the untre […]

The aerator is directly injected into the untreated sewage through a diffused air impeller. Under the joint action of the coagulant and the flocculant, the suspended solids undergo physical flocculation and chemical flocculation to form a large suspended solid. The floc group, under the floating action of the bubble group, floats on the liquid surface to form dross, and is separated from the water by a scraper; there is no need to clean the nozzle, and no blockage occurs. The device has good integrity, convenient installation, saving operating costs and occupying the ground.
Microfiltration machine
The microfiltration machine is a rotary screen filter device. The treated wastewater enters the drum in the axial direction and flows out through the screen in a radial radial direction. The impurities (fine suspension, fiber, pulp, etc.) in the water are trapped on the inner surface of the filter on the drum. When the impurities trapped on the filter screen are brought to the upper portion by the drum, the pressure flushing water is backflushed into the slag discharge tank and flows out. During operation, the diameter of the drum 2/5 is exposed to the water surface, the number of revolutions is 1-4r/min, the filter screen speed can be 30-120m/h, the flushing water pressure is 0.5-1.5kg/cm2, and the flushing water volume is the production water volume. 0.5-1.0%, used for reservoir water treatment, algae removal efficiency of 40-70%, in addition to plankton efficiency of 97-100%. The micro-filter has a small footprint and a large production capacity (250-36000m3/d). It is easy to operate and manage and has been successfully applied to water supply and wastewater treatment.

Air floater
The air flotation machine is a device that removes suspended solids, grease and various gels from various industrial and municipal sewage. This equipment is widely used in refining and chemical conversion.
Treatment of industrial wastewater and municipal sewage such as work, brewing, slaughtering, electroplating, printing and dyeing.
Divided into dissolved air: inflatable air flotation machine, dissolved air flotation machine and electrolytic air flotation machine. The principle is to efficiently mix a gas that is difficult to dissolve in water or two or more different liquids (to produce a fine bubble diameter of 20 to 50 μm). The microbubbles are used as carriers to adhere the impurity particles in the water, and the particles are floated up to the water surface by the bubble raft to separate from the water to achieve the purpose of solid-liquid separation.