Brief Introduction of Sandstone Separator Equipment part-2


It is mainly used for the cleaning of mixing truck used […]

It is mainly used for the cleaning of mixing truck used in concrete mixing station and the separation, collection and reuse of sand, stone and mud in waste. It can effectively solve the problem of concrete pollution, and economically and reasonably save valuable building resources. It is an indispensable auxiliary recycling equipment for concrete mixing station. Sandstone separator is mainly composed of separation system, water supply and drainage system, electronic control system and lubrication system. The separating system adopts the rolling screen with the best separating effect at present, and is equipped with automatic stone-sweeping mechanism and the most advanced photoelectric automatic control system. The machine is mainly used for the cleaning of mixing truck in concrete mixing station and the separation and recycling of waste concrete, sand and water. The use of the device can thoroughly solve the problem of waste concrete pollution and save resources. Not only can the sand, stone and slurry in the waste concrete of mixing truck be separated and cleaned automatically at one time, but also the sand, stone and water can be reused. Sewage can be recycled through three-stage sedimentation tank and then pumped into the machine after sedimentation. The zero discharge of sewage can be completely realized, which not only saves resources, but also protects the environment. In a real sense, the design of the machine is reasonable and the maintenance is convenient. With low power consumption and high return on investment, it is the most ideal environmental protection and energy saving product for mixing station.