Characteristics of sludge low temperature drying machine part 2


4, dry mud effective sterilization up to 90% stable nat […]

4, dry mud effective sterilization up to 90% stable nature, without secondary pollution directly 83% moisture sludge to 10%, reduced by 80% of the final sludge particles can be gasified, blended, incinerated, can do Biofuels, green soil, and utilization of cement plants, building materials, etc.
5. The patented technology of sludge extrusion molding and pulverization molding adopts different paving modes according to the different solid content of sludge.
6, low temperature (40-75 ° C) fully enclosed drying process, no exhaust emissions, no odor treatment system; low temperature drying can fully avoid the volatilization of different types of organic matter in the sludge to avoid the volatilization of malodorous gases (chain alkanes The temperature of volatilization of aromatic hydrocarbons is between 100 and 300 °C, the temperature of volatilization of volatilizations is mainly at 250-300 °C, and the temperature of nitrogen compounds, amines and oximes is mainly at 200-300 °C, alcohols and ethers. The volatilization temperature of the class, fatty ketones, amide nitriles, etc. are all above 300 ° C. In addition, the volatilization temperature of aldehydes and anilines is mainly 150 ° C, and the volatilization temperature of lipids is 150-250 ° C).
7. The whole drying process can be carried out under confined environmental conditions. No gas will be discharged into the external environment and will not cause secondary environmental pollution. There will be no pollutants discharged during the drying process, and the drying workshop will have good sanitary conditions. Cooling mode, good cooling effect, excellent working temperature in the workshop.
8, the system is safe to operate, no safety hazards; sludge drying process oxygen content <12%, dust concentration <60g / m3, particle temperature <70 ° C, no dust during the entire drying process (air flow rate <2 m / s) .
9. The transmission speed of the mesh belt is controlled by frequency conversion, and the moisture content of the sludge discharge is adjustable (10-30%), which meets the requirements of various types of processes.

10, using the leading heat pump dehumidification technology, energy saving more than 40%, each 20 power consumption is about 0.3 ~; traditional sludge drying equipment 1 20 need to consume energy, in addition to consume electricity, cooling water, chemicals, etc.; In electricity mode, it can save more than 60%.
11. The equipment covers a small area and is easy to install; the area of each 1000kg water equipment is about 3.5m2. The equipment is easy to install, and the installation and commissioning cycle is short; it can also be installed in the basement.
12. The daily processing capacity of a single drying line can reach 45 tons (80% moisture content mud cake), and the water content is 55%. The daily processing capacity of mud cake can reach 140 tons, which can be suitable for sludge dispersion or centralized treatment mode. The mud biscuit treatment can reduce the volume and reduce the volume, save the sludge transportation cost (about 100 yuan per ton of sludge transportation cost according to different roads) and reduce the environmental pollution during transportation.
13, using PLC + touch screen control system, fully automatic operation, convenient operation and management; dry and wet bulb temperature and humidity control, feed volume variable frequency control, molding control, discharge solid content control, paving control, manual control, etc.