Characteristics of sludge low temperature drying machine


Characteristics of sludge low temperature drying machin […]

Characteristics of sludge low temperature drying machine:
1, the first technology: the use of four-effect dehumidification patent technology, controllable air humidity is lower, drying efficiency is faster. The independent layering system meets the requirements of rapid dewatering of wet mud and has a short drying cycle. Modular structure design, strong load regulation capability. Transmission realizes variable frequency stepless speed regulation, suitable for dry material adjustment with different water content.
2. The sewage is directly dried to 10% without segmentation. Reduced capacity by 67% and weight reduction of 80%, which can save a lot of transportation costs. It can fully realize the treatment of “reduction, stabilization, harmlessness and resource utilization” of sludge. The final sludge particles can be used as fertilizer, fuel, incineration, building materials, biofuel, landfill covering, land use, etc. .
3, using continuous mesh belt drying mode, suitable for all types of sludge drying system (including large amount of sludge), this product is all made of 304 stainless steel material, heat exchanger using epoxy resin electrophoresis leak-proof treatment, use Long service life; no mechanical wear during operation, service life of more than 15 years; no fragile, consumable parts, easy to use and manage;