Guide for summer maintenance of concrete mixing stations


Compared to other seasons, the summer is a relatively p […]

Compared to other seasons, the summer is a relatively poor working environment for concrete mixing stations. Summer unique temperature and humidity on the work of the concrete mixing plant will have a certain impact, and in the summer concrete mixing plant equipment maintenance and maintenance is also different from other seasons. So hot summer, how to maintain the concrete mixing station?
      1. Rational use of external additives
      In large mixing stations, external additives are indispensable. Hot summer, you need to take control of the temperature of concrete to achieve the purpose of cooling. Users in the large-scale mixing plant construction process, you can use water-reducing agent or fly ash instead of cement to reduce the amount of cement. At the same time, increase the size of the aggregate in the case where the pouring conditions permit.
      In the case of conditions, water can be sprinkled into the aggregate stack to promote evaporative cooling to reduce the temperature of the concrete; if wet with cold water (eg groundwater or well water), the cooling effect will be better, especially when the humidity is high The
If the concrete needs a longer distance of transport, the settling agent can be used to control the setting time, but should ensure that the amount of retarder is correct, especially for underwater concrete engineering.
      2. Do a good job in prevention work
      Large mixing stations in summer operations should be planned to avoid working at maximum daily temperatures. Under dry conditions, the pouring of concrete at night is relatively reduced by the influence of wind and temperature. If conditions permit, you can build a greenhouse to avoid exposure to raw materials.
      In the high temperature, humidity, long time to transport long-distance concrete, you can consider the transport mixer delay mixing, so that when the arrival of the site is still in a state of agitation.
      3. Ensure that the equipment and the surrounding environment clean
      Due to the special circumstances of the concrete mixing station must be perennial outdoors, coupled with the strong summer sun and rain, so to ensure the cleanliness of equipment and reduce corrosion. While maintaining the surrounding environment clean and free water and so on, to prevent the concrete mixing plant body corrosion and rust.
      4. Regularly check the instrument is normal
      Summer temperatures rise, we must check the motor, electrical overheating phenomenon, abnormal noise phenomenon, check the instrument instructions are normal. Due to seasonal high temperature machine and temperature reaction will inevitably lead to overheating caused by the phenomenon of abnormal parts.
      5. pay attention to cleaning
      In order to prevent the residual concrete coagulation agglomeration, hinder the normal operation of the machine, concrete mixer and hopper should be cleaned once every four hours, and regular inspection work to ensure the efficient operation of production equipment.