Double-parking gravel separator and concrete gravel separator


Double-parking gravel separator Product description: Th […]

Double-parking gravel separator
Product description:
The car washing system can be divided into single parking space, double parking space and three parking spaces. It can be increased or decreased according to different requirements of users, and can work in five parking spaces at the same time. When the tank truck stops at the set position, the system will automatically add water and flush, automatically send the sewage and concrete waste in the chute to the sand-stone separation system by screw conveyor, and the whole flushing process will be automated.
Concrete gravel separator
Product description:
Sandstone separator is the core equipment of concrete recycling system. It is mainly used for cleaning and separating waste water from tank trucks and sand and stone in residual concrete and recycling. The machine is designed with advanced concrete recycling technology abroad, combining the characteristics of drum-type separation and spiral-screen separation. It has made a lot of improvements to the fragile parts. It has the advantages of simple operation, intelligent control, unattended whole process, convenience and rapidity. It really achieves the ultimate goal of the work you ordered. It saves a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources for you, as well as the maintenance side. With its ultra-high return on investment, it has become the best choice for every mixing station because of its ultra-low power consumption. Choosing our products is tantamount to choosing great wealth! Believe that our intelligent sand and gravel separator, is to believe that they are in the forefront of the concrete industry!