Effective power of the pump


Effective power of the pump: The energy obtained by the […]

Effective power of the pump: The energy obtained by the pump from the pump is called the effective power per unit time.
Ne=PQ where Ne effective power, P full pressure, Q flow.

After substituting the unit, the formula becomes: Ne(KW)=1/36.7×P(Kgf/cm2)×Q(m3/h). Considering the power loss caused by the efficiency of the transmission, mechanical friction, volumetric efficiency, temperature rise of the medium, etc., when selecting the prime mover power, for the low-pressure reciprocating pump, N=1/(0.85~0.9)N; for the high-pressure reciprocating pump, N = 1 / (0.75 ~ 0.85) N.

Application range of reciprocating pump Piston pump is mainly suitable for high pressure and small flow, requiring constant or quantitative flow of pump, proportionally conveying various media, or requiring good suction performance or self-priming performance. In today's world energy shortage situation, reciprocating pumps as energy-saving products have been widely used in many industries such as energy mining, petroleum fine chemicals, food and drug processing. The structure of this type of pump is relatively complicated, the matching is strong and the versatility is poor, and the variety is large and the batch size is small.