How about the effect of beating the floor from the top mixer?


At present, many factories, workshop floors, village co […]

At present, many factories, workshop floors, village courtyards, parking plants, sports ground construction and so on need to hit the floor, the soil ground into cement ground, more convenient for people's life and work. For the vast area of the plane, the most economical way to save money is to use the top mixer to hit the floor, why do you say so?

First of all, the mixer truck can feed itself. At present, most of the mixers on the market are equipped with automatic weighing system. The proportion of raw materials for concrete production can be calculated scientifically. The quality of concrete produced according to the standard quantity of raw materials is better. Such concrete is applied to the floor project, and the working surface is compacted and smooth.

Secondly, the top mixer can automatically stir, pull the control rod, all raw materials and water stir in the tank, one ring one ring, soon, a can of material can be produced, high efficiency, low cost, after the stirring is completed, 270 degree discharge port can unload concrete at all angles of the construction site, and then use the machine to push flat.

Playing the floor requires a high quality of concrete. In order to ensure the quality of concrete, the automatic weighing system is more important to ensure the proper proportion and the role of mixing tank. A good mixing tank has a unique design. When mixing all the raw materials, keep the raw materials rotating and stirring on a center, so that the concrete produced by mixing has high uniformity, and the effect is better in the floor project.

In terms of stirred tank, the design of self mixing truck mixing tank has the national production technology patent, the research and design of the compulsory agitator is matched with the automatic weighing system, precision feeding and stable mixing of double force, the concrete produced properly meets the national standard and serves the projects of all sizes properly.