Summer summer heat tips


Today, when the hot days of the wind, the national larg […]

Today, when the hot days of the wind, the national large-scale turns into the "high temperature barbecue" mode. The sun like a fireball baked the earth seems to scratch the match will be able to point like, this time people are very hot and warm, there will be heatstroke symptoms, so the first summer heat to cool the first. So how summer Jieshu? Here to introduce you to heat the summer heat a little common sense, the following is a summer couch summer heat coup, may wish to know about the summer it.
      1. Properly drink some salt water
       Summer heatstroke, the first should pay attention to add water. Summer human body more volatile, can not wait for thirsty and then drink water, then the body is a state of lack of water. In addition, the body of some trace elements will be taken away with the evaporation of water should be appropriate to drink some salt water.
       Summer, to maintain a happy mood is also very important, leisurely music, avoid sadness. Diet, to light is appropriate, eat more green bean soup, melon soup, bitter gourd and other clear fire lungs food. Eat more hazelnut, cashews, potatoes and other foods rich in potassium, can prevent heat stroke. Food, to add enough protein, such as fish, meat, eggs, milk and beans; In addition, should also be more to prevent the heatstroke of fresh fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, watermelon, bitter gourd, peach, ebony, cucumber and so on.
       2. travel to avoid the sun
      Summer to remember to prepare sunscreen, it is best not to 10 o'clock in the sun under the walk, because this time the sun is the strongest, the possibility of heat stroke is usually 10 times. If you have to go out at this time, be sure to do protective work, such as playing umbrellas, wearing a sun hat, wearing sunglasses, the best conditions apply sunscreen. Scorching the sun for a long time to ride the best long-sleeved shirt or use shawls, wearing a sun hat.
      Some people like outdoor sports, even in the summer do not want to give up this hobby. Need to carry out a long time outdoor sports of the public, to prepare a heat medicine, such as Huoxiangzheng gas, ten drops of water, Ren Dan and so on. When the sun is the strongest, try not to stay outdoors, conditional may be appropriate for lunch break. Air conditioning temperature do not open too low, too much room temperature difference will lead to heat stroke.
     3. Keep enough sleep
     Summer day long night short, high temperature, strong metabolism of the human body, consumption is also large, easy to feel tired. Adequate sleep, the brain and the body can be relaxed to the system, both conducive to work and study, but also to prevent heat stroke measures. Experts, the best bedtime is 22:00 to 23:00, the best time to get up is 5:30 to 6:30.
     In addition, the sleep should not be careful not to lie in the air conditioning outlet and electric fans, so as to avoid air conditioning and hot air.
     4. Chinese medicine health law
      In addition to heat stroke prevention measures, but also by scraping, acupuncture, cupping and other traditional Chinese medicine regimen for the body conditioning.
     5. do some heart movement
      Summer exercise should not be too large, too violent, should be a little sweating after exercise is appropriate, so as not to exercise too much, sweating too much damage Yin Yin. For the summer still exercise the body can still choose to practice tai chi. Taijiquan static and static phase, hardness and softness, open and fit, ups and downs have caused, body shape is not biased, righteousness in the wind and invincible invincible, and the natural yin and yang growth consistent, can be described as one of the best summer heart movement The
The occurrence of heat stroke symptoms
     1. Move to a place of ventilation
When the heat stroke occurs, it is best to transfer the patient to a ventilated place, and then let the patient in a flat posture, and then help patients take off his coat, so that the patient's body can slowly cool down.
      2. replenishment
Many patients with heat stroke is basically due to lack of water caused by, so this time the best to allow patients to drink some water to add water. When adding water to add a small amount of salt, but do not let the patient drink too much water, because it may cause the patient to appear vomiting.
      3. Medical treatment
When the patient is already in the case of severe heat stroke, this time we have to call the hospital quickly, and then sent to the hospital for treatment. In the delivery of patients, it is best to use the stretcher to transport, and then some ice deposited in the patient's forehead with chest near. Perform a corresponding physical cooling mode.