Introduction to the function of the mud processing equipment part3


11) Slurry pump unit——core power unit consists of a 45K […]

11) Slurry pump unit——core power unit consists of a 45Kw three-phase asynchronous motor and slurry pump. The pump unit transmission adopts belt drive, which can adapt to the change of transmission load under different concentrations. The drive connection is easy to assemble, simple to maintain, and highly reliable.
12) The tail port is connected to the second half of the middle tank. The device can adjust the tail port within 180 degrees according to the on-site slurry demand, which is convenient for customers' needs.
13) Recoil pipe assembly - a set of controllable pipes connected between the slurry pump and the storage tank 4, in order to prevent the mud from forming a sediment in the storage tank when the mud concentration in the storage tank is large, The mud in the slurry tank can be flushed and stirred by opening the control valve of the recoil pipe assembly.
14) Drainage port - a pipe with a butterfly valve at the bottom of the reservoir. When the equipment is not in use, the butterfly valve can be opened to drain all the mud in the reservoir.
15) Electrical control cabinet - the startup and control integration of the whole machine, the cabinet itself has IP55 protection level, which can be well adapted to the application of pile foundation construction in different environmental occasions.