Introduction to the function of the mud processing equipment


Function introduction 1–rack; 2 – overflow pipe; 3 – la […]

Function introduction
1–rack; 2 – overflow pipe; 3 – ladder; 4 – storage tank; 5 – vibrating screen; 6 – primary feeding device; 7-cyclone;
8-cyclone overflow pipe; 9-medium storage tank; 10-cyclone feed pipe;
11-slurry pump unit; 12-tail port; 13-reverse control pipe assembly;
14-discharge port; 15-electric control cabinet
It consists mainly of 15 parts, each of which functions as follows:
1) Rack - mainly a carrier platform used to carry and combine the various components in the complete machine.
2) Overflow pipe assembly - responsible for protecting the overall liquid level balance in the storage tank 4, so that the excess mud entering the slurry storage tank is quickly discharged to prevent mud overflow in the operation of the equipment.
3) Ladder - Placed on the 2 sides of the whole rack to facilitate personnel to inspect and maintain the equipment
4) The storage tank - with a certain safe volume, can guarantee the working slurry of the slurry pump unit 11
5) Vibrating screen - It has double-layer separation screen vibration function, and one layer is coarse sieve layer. The waste slurry supplied from the first-stage feeding device 6 can be separated for the first time, and all the impurities with a diameter of 2mm or more can be screened out. The other layer is a fine sieve layer, and the concentrated slurry containing more solid particles separated by the cyclone can be dehydrated and sieved, so that the water content of the waste residue removed by the fine sieve layer is stabilized at <30%.