Maintenance measures for machinery and equipment


Strict requirements for the maintenance and maintenance […]

Strict requirements for the maintenance and maintenance of equipment, and the adoption of multi-level routine maintenance measures, such as daily maintenance, one insurance, two guarantees, etc., can effectively reduce the impact of the climate environment and equipment caused by mechanical vibration. To normal operation. The work of the daily insurance includes: regularly adding lubricating oil to the equipment, simply checking the condition of the equipment, carefully checking the oil level and oil mark of the equipment, cleaning and wiping work should be placed before the equipment ends, set up special maintenance personnel, and execute Daily insurance work content.

The first level of maintenance should be carried out according to the prescribed length of time. The interval of stopping the operation of the equipment shall be checked, and if necessary, the method of disassembly inspection shall be taken; the technician shall understand the function and structure of the equipment, reduce the wear and tear of the equipment, and prolong the use time of the equipment; the warranty period is once every three months, the second guarantee The cycle is once a year.