Maintenance measures for machinery and equipment


1 Through the formulation of the system and procedures, […]

1 Through the formulation of the system and procedures, the problem of long-term wear and tear of sewage treatment equipment can not be solved. This not only ensures the efficient operation of the equipment, but also ensures the safety of the equipment performance and prevents accidents. This requires the maintenance of the equipment to be taken seriously, to develop rules and regulations that meet the operational requirements of the equipment, to design the content of the equipment maintenance, and to require maintenance and maintenance work to be carried out on a regular basis.
2 While increasing the use of equipment, do a good job of preventing accidents. For example, in the maintenance of the reduction gearbox in the sewage treatment equipment, different greases are added according to the characteristics, and the equipment is cured according to the requirements of the season. Moreover, the sewage treatment equipment should be prevented from contacting the sludge and sewage for a long time, preventing the corrosion caused by the environmental supermarket, etc., doing daily anti-corrosion work, and maintaining the sewage treatment equipment, such as regular oiling and sludge cleaning.