Mud recovery system properly mixed bentonite is submicron particle size


Mud recovery system The properly mixed bentonite is a s […]

Mud recovery system The properly mixed bentonite is a submicron particle size. It is especially important to keep this in mind that it means that bentonite is not easily separated from the slurry. Excavation soils can range in size from 1000 microns to sub-micron depending on the drilling formation.
The size of the clay is smaller than that of the sand, and the size of the rock is larger than both. The smaller the particle size, the more difficult it is to separate. In the trenchless industry, it is not economical to separate particles smaller than 20 microns in most cases, so submicron bentonite is not separated from ordinary mud recovery systems. The goal of the industry is to separate the spoil and the slurry to be recycled during drilling.
Therefore, various mud recovery systems and their configurations are designed to achieve this.