Mud treatment equipment is a mud purification treatment machine


Mud treatment equipment Mud treatment equipment is a mu […]

Mud treatment equipment
Mud treatment equipment is a mud purification treatment machine developed for building engineering, bridge pile foundation engineering, underground tunnel shield engineering and retaining wall mud used in non-excavation construction. The utility model can effectively control the slurry water quality of the construction mud, perform solid-liquid separation on the solid phase particles in the mud, increase the porosity of the pile foundation, reduce the amount of the bentonite and reduce the pulping cost. It can realize environmental protection transportation and slurry discharge of mud waste residue, and meet the site requirements of environmental protection construction.

Equipment introduction
As an environmentally friendly pile Kiev machine in modern foundation construction, mud treatment equipment is being used more and more in rotary drilling construction such as mud wall protection, pile foundation construction and continuous wall construction in circulation drilling process. Non-excavation pile foundation construction such as mud-water balance method shield construction and mud water pipe jacking construction. The device can effectively improve the quality of the hole and the effect of the hole making, shorten the cleaning time, reduce the construction cost and reduce the stuck accident. From the point of view of environmental protection construction, this type of equipment also realizes the recycling and reuse of mud, so that the waste slurry tank transportation in the past is dumped and processed, and the solid-liquid separation is carried out on the waste slurry to realize the transportation of muck. It can greatly save the mud treatment cost in the construction process, greatly reduce the pollution of the mud in the construction, and improve the modernization level of civilized construction and environmental protection construction.
This article will give a detailed introduction to its working principle and structural characteristics.