Mud treatment equipment use efficiency


Institutional appearance of equipment such as mud treat […]

Institutional appearance of equipment such as mud treatment equipment
Application effect demonstration of mud treatment equipment for pile foundation construction
1) The use of mud treatment equipment in rotary drilling, continuous wall grabbing and circulating drilling construction can realize the recycling of construction mud, saving the cost of pulping and the transportation processing cost of waste slurry.
2) The recyclable slurry after purification by the mud treatment equipment has a sand content of <2%, which can ensure the use of mud for clearing, pouring and retaining walls under the above construction work conditions.

Comparing before and after the silt content of the mud purified by the mud treatment equipment;
In summary, the mud treatment equipment for pile foundation construction is used as a pile Kiev machine, which can fully purify the traditional construction waste slurry to meet the quality control requirements of pile construction, and the advantages of full purification. It is an effective separation of soil residue, sand, stone and mud mass, which is beneficial to improve the efficiency of pore making, reduce the requirements for bentonite and other components, help control mud index, increase the clearing rate and reduce the card drilling. The accident has led to a significant increase in the quality of the holes.

In terms of economic efficiency, such equipment has a large amount of processing time per unit, which can greatly save the disposal cost of waste mud, greatly reduce the amount of waste processing, save engineering costs, and significantly improve the modern construction level of civilized construction and environmental protection construction.