Sand and gravel separator is also called concrete sandstone separation slurry water recovery equipment


Equipment use Sand and gravel separator is also called […]

Equipment use
Sand and gravel separator is also called concrete sand separator or concrete sandstone separation slurry water recovery equipment. It is the core equipment of concrete recovery system. It is mainly used to cleanse and recycle the sewage from the tanker and the gravel in the residual concrete. The machine is designed with foreign advanced concrete recycling technology, combined with the characteristics of drum separation and spiral screening separation, saving you a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources.
The mechanical structure of the device is simple, and the environmental protection benefits are remarkable: the surface of the sand and gravel is separated, the sand contains ash ≤ 1%, the water content is ≤ 3-5%; the car wash water is recycled, the sewage reaches zero discharge; the equipment is wear-resistant, the operation is simple, and the cleaning is easy. Overhaul.

Complete recycling, easy operation, high efficiency and energy saving, no pollution and environmental protection, the most cost-effective model.
+PLC electric control box, using advanced technology automatic programming control
+ Simple and reliable operation (can also be manual)
+ Sealing device adopts European imported four-layer seal
+Electrical components are advanced technology products of European companies
+ sandstone is completely separated at one time
+ car wash water recycling, sewage zero discharge
+ separation capacity is 30t / h
+ Wearable parts are reinforced to extend service life
+ Professional design for your terrain and number of mixers
+The outer shell steel is thick, reaching 8-10 mm, and it is placed in the open air for a long time. It is not easy to rust and corrode.
+High sand and stone exports, it is not easy to cause sand and gravel export during the working process of the machine
+The screen adopts the dry net type, which is convenient to disassemble and assemble, and is not easy to corrode and block. For example, the long-fiber concrete industry can still use
+The main mixing system is bulky and easy to change
The system consists of three main components, a car wash station, a separator yard and a pool. The car wash station in a single parking space covers an area of about 40 square meters. The sandstone yard covers an area of about 30 square meters. The total area of the pool is no more than 50 square meters and covers an area of about 130 square feet.