Sewage treatment equipment


The water pollution situation has intensified, making t […]

The water pollution situation has intensified, making the sewage treatment and recycling industry receive unprecedented attention. In the past two years, the gross profit margin of each region has remained at around 70%, and even some regions have exceeded 100%. The industry has great development potential.

Model specification

The buried domestic sewage treatment equipment has two series of WSZ-A modular type and WSZ-F type glass steel, and the processing capacity is more than 30 specifications of 0.5~50m3/H.

main feature

1, can be buried under the surface

2, fully automatic control, no need for personnel management

3, no sludge backflow

4, easy to operate, easy to maintain

5, low noise, no smell

6, long service life

Process Description

The WSZ-A type of equipment is designed primarily for the treatment of domestic sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater. The main treatment method is to adopt the relatively mature biochemical treatment technology-contact oxidation method. The water quality parameters are designed according to the general living water quality, influent BOD 200mg/l, and effluent BOD 20mg/l index. There are six parts in total: (1) ) primary sedimentation tank; (2) contact oxidation pond; (3) secondary sedimentation tank; (4) disinfection tank, disinfection device; (5) sludge tank; (6) fan room, fan.

Now they are discussed as follows:

In the vertical flow sedimentation tank, the rising flow rate of the sewage in the sedimentation tank is 0.6-0.7 mm/sec, and the settled sludge is lifted to the sludge tank by air. (Note: WSZ-A O.5-5m/h does not have a primary sink)

Roots blowers can automatically alternate. The operating life of a single fan is about 30,000 hours.