Sewage treatment equipment installation requirements


1. According to the installation drawing and foundation […]

1. According to the installation drawing and foundation drawing of the buried sewage treatment equipment, prepare the foundation according to the size of the installation plan, and make the concrete floor. The basic requirement is 5t/m2, the foundation must be level, and it should be in the concrete foundation pouring maintenance period. After the end, the installation can be carried out. If the equipment is installed below the floor, the relative elevation of the foundation from the floor should be based on the size of the map. At the same time, the width of the surrounding excavation must be more than 500mm from the foundation line for the pipeline installation.
2. Pipe installation and connection should be considered when the equipment is in place. When the equipment is in place, it must be according to the manual weight of the equipment. With the tonnage of the crane, the installation sequence is in place according to the on-site comparison chart. The position of the cylinder and the direction cannot be misplaced. Must be correct.
3. According to the installation diagram, connect the pipe. After the equipment is in place, the connecting pipe is fastened with a rubber pad so that the joint does not leak.
4. After the installation of the buried sewage treatment equipment, the equipment and the foundation floor must be connected and fixed, absolutely ensuring that the equipment does not flow and float, and at the same time, sewage must be injected into the equipment (when there is no sewage, replace it with other water sources or tap water), the fullness must be Reach over 70% to prevent the device from floating up. At the same time, check the pipeline for leaks. The pipelines of the test water must not leak, and the equipment is not affected by the rise of the ground water, which causes the equipment to be misaligned and tilted.