Sewage treatment equipment


Sewage treatment equipment is an industrial equipment t […]

Sewage treatment equipment is an industrial equipment that can effectively treat domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, etc. in urban areas, avoiding the direct inflow of sewage and pollutants into the waters, and is of great significance for improving the ecological environment, improving the city's taste and promoting economic development.

Buried sewage treatment equipment is suitable for domestic sewage, similar industrial solids, such as residential quarters, hospital sanatoriums, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, institutions, schools, military units, aquatic processing plants, livestock processing plants, dairy processing plants, etc. Wastewater, such as organic sewage treatment in textile, beer, paper, leather, food, chemical and other industries, the main purpose is to achieve domestic wastewater treatment and similar industrial organic wastewater to achieve reuse water quality requirements, so that wastewater treatment resources Utilization.

basic introduction

The so-called primary sewage is the direct discharge of untreated living or industrial wastewater in the city. At present, the utilization method is that the raw sewage directly enters the sewage source heat pump system for heat exchange, and the indoor building is cooled and heated in the case of consuming a small amount of electricity. There are several technical difficulties in wastewater reuse that need to be overcome: blockage, corrosion, and heat transfer efficiency.

After the urban raw sewage directly enters the sewage heat exchanger for heat exchange, the heat exchanged is transferred to the indoor by the heat pump inside the sewage source heat pump.

The advantages of recycling the city's primary sewage are: energy saving and environmental protection, no pollution.