Single parking gravel separator and screw separator


Single parking gravel separator Product description: Th […]

Single parking gravel separator
Product description:
The system can clean two vehicles at the same time. It is suitable for mixing station of 30-50 vehicles. The recovery amount of cleaning is 30-50 tons per hour. It can be constructed according to the site layout of customers. The double-parking sand and gravel separator is the ideal specification for 120-180 mixing station. Customers can also choose three-parking equipment according to the scale of their own mixing station, in order to use more convenient and reasonable.
Screw separator
The main features of the screw separator are compact structure, flat installation, high unloading point, no need to dig the ground to store materials, small space occupied. More importantly, the problems such as high maintenance cost of similar products at home and abroad and difficult to buy accessories have been solved. The screw shaft head parts and structural forms have been redesigned, and its service life has been prolonged. Seals and bearings are locally used by users. It can be easily purchased. User maintenance personnel can skillfully and quickly replace without delay in production. It saves the cost of equipment maintenance for users greatly and improves the production efficiency. The inclined design of the whole machine can effectively ensure the complete separation of solid and liquid, the accumulation of material on the inner wall of the tank can effectively prevent wear and tear, and the reinforcement of the hopper with flushing pipe can effectively prevent misimpact and material deposition.